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Planning my wedding included losing baby weight and running a household that was fully intact.  I had a 6 year old son who played baseball all year, an infant who was super clingy, a finace who worked two jobs and I was unemployed!  To top it off, I am a serious stress eater.  I stressed about being big(ger), I stressed about running the household by myself, I stressed about not having a job or money… I just stressed!  Then I would eat and eat and eat.  But when it came time to don the most fabulous gown that I have ever owned… I throw eating out of the window.

The battle of the bulge began in late May of 2008.  I walked into the bridal boutique to show off the dress that I had selected (and could afford) to my mom and my grandmom.  It was nice.  And ladies, if you know what I mean by nice, then you know that it was not my favorite but I could afford it on our budget.  I had just started working and knew that the price wouldn’t break my bank.  But the moment that I stepped out of the dressing room, I knew that it was a poor decision.  My mom just looked, my grandmother (being quite vocal) just told me like it was and I sat in the dress knowing that the search must go on.

We sat in there looking at each other wondering what to do next and before I knew it, a dressing room door flew open to reveal MY DRESS!  There it sat on a hanger next to tons of gowns for another bride.  It was calling my name.  My grandmom must have heard it too because she stood right up and asked the bride: “Can I see this for a minute”!  Gotta love gram!  I looked at knowing that I had finally found my dress, at last.

Next issue: NOT MY SIZE!  The DRESS was the only one in the store.  A lovely size 4 while all of my curves called for a MUCH larger size.  However, my angel, my assistant, my bridal gown specialist saw the passion in my eyes and took that size 4 and held it above my head.  She instructed me to pull one shoulder and arm out and then the other… had me shaking my money maker until that size 4 was wrapped around my childbearing hips.  Leaving the back opened but pinning it to my undergarments allowed the dress to (literally) sit in place so that I could catch a glimpse of what my husband would see the day we became one.

With all that being said, ladies DO NOT SETTLE!!!  Don’t walk into a boutique and head straight to your selection because of your size.  Dig through all the sizes.  Search for the styles, cuts and colors that you desire.

I had set my heart on a white dress.  I had set my heart on a form fitted dress.  I ended up with a ball gown with a fitted bodice that was two toned.  White pearls and lace delicately stitched on top of champange satin with 3 rolls of “puffiness”! All of it screamed ME!

I never would have considered the style if I hadn’t seen the dress.  I never would have seen the dress if it wasn’t in another dressing room simply because IT WAS NOT MY SIZE.

Look at the all… within your budget.  Ask for help.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  I was able to alter the neckline for a better fit, had some enhancements added and made the dress into something totally different from the original garment.  The finish result was a ONE OF A KIND IN JUST MY SIZE!

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